Villain Spotlight: Molecule Man

There is a point at which villainy becomes pointless. I know that this may be hard for some of the aspiring supervillians to believe but as someone who wants to rule the world you have to consider the level of power you already have and simply committing crimes becomes even more absurd.

For example, if you will, Owen Reece, Molecule Man. With the ability to control all molecules and energy as well he has virtually unlimited power. He has been known to create solar systems as well as fighting the beyonder and has even died and come back.

So, what is in that this man wishes to gain from being a villain? It can't be money, he already has the ability to create anything he wants by a simple thought and it can't even really be power. Short of the infinity gauntlets there is nothing that would really effect his power.

Yet that is what he did. Attempting to take over New York he was confronted by The Fantastic Four and though the claim was that he was defeated because he couldn't use his power on organic matter the truth is that he was defeated because he didn't know when to simply accept that he had enough power.

And that has led him down a path of pain. Sometimes on the side of right and sometimes on the wrong he has died, come back, created life, and even loved but the simple unwillingness to understand that he has more power than he can use is still his greatest problem.(except possibly the way he looks, I mean seriously there is something disturbing about that costume)