Villain Spotlight: Dr. Spectro

If you didn't know Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen is based off of the character Captain Atom. A being able to manipulate a quantum field with a theoretically infinite amount of energy. He can fly, is nearly invulnerable, has super strength, he can live in the vacuum of space, and even create matter.
So who would dare challenge this almost god like being. He would have to be someone with great courage, great intellect and great power. This is where one of his most important villains appears. Dr. Spectro.
A member of the legion of Doom Dr. Spectro is able to use light to effect emotions as well as hallucinations. Not bad powers but they seem unlikely to have much effect on Captain Atom.
His career as a villain, started out typically enough. His own technology was turned against him driving him into the life of crime, but from there it became less average, but later he was approached by the government.
Wanting to create a superhero who was answerable directly to the government they paid Dr. Spectro and a few others to lose to Captain Atom so he could become a major hero. I am not certain what the long term game plan of Dr. Spectro was but eventually captain Atom turned against the government.
The most important aspect of Dr. Spectro is of course his courage. From the courage to face the face of criminals who eventually turned his invention against him to the courage to fight captain Atom with no fighting ability and no plan. Even the costume he wears shows courage in abundance and though courage itself has not proven to be enough defeat Captain Atom it is worthy of our respect.