Villain Spotlight: The Chameleon

The Chameleon was Spiderman's very first super villain this Russian born villain has the ability to appear as anyone, quite a useful power, especially when used for theft theft of important missile defense plans. This theft in two parts was when The Chameleon first ran afoul of the webcrawler.

He successfully stole the first half of the plans by appearing as one of the scientists who were working on them, but for the second half of his plan he attempted something more ambitious.

His plan was to appear as Spiderman, who at the time was a wanted criminal at the time, framing him for the crime. Not only this but in one of the most confident moves of all time he ensured that both the police and Spiderman would be at the scene while he committed his crime.

In retrospect this may have been a small miscalculation and his plan was foiled but this was not the end of this super villains career. Over the years he continued his attempts to ruin Spiderman's life, sacrificing his own livelihood to help the greater community of super villains by limiting his criminal activity and instead focusing on the destruction of Spiderman, but showing great restraint in doing so by not appearing as someone Spiderman would trust and simply shooting him but though much more complicated plots.

One of his most important attempts to stop Spiderman came in the form of an alliance with Harry Osborn, who before his death told the Chameleon that Spiderman's identity could be found through Peter Parker. He then created two androids who looked like Peter Parker's parents. The explanation of why he needed androids when he could have looked like either of Parker's parents is not explained, except through the Psychotic breakdown he suffered during this time and the epic battle against Mary Jane when she beat him down with a baseball bat.

This led to the ultimate downfall of the villain who was also overpowered by his nephew and eventually by Aunt May who defeated him with oatmeal raisin cookies, but he can not be blamed for that as oatmeal raisin has been the downfall of many villains.

His final downfall can be seen below.