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Science Fiction and Fantasy Ideas
have always said that ideas are easy to come up with and that even with the same core idea that no two writers are going to create the same story. Yet often when you hear ideas from others they sound better than your own. This isn't because they are better, simply because they are different. With all that in mind I decided to put down a few ideas for science fiction, fantasy and horror ideas and let anyone who wants them have them. 1> The poor members of a fantasy village are caught in the middle as two wizards fight over the mine of magical gems found near their village. 2> While their parents sleep in cryogenic suspension a group of children live aboard a spaceship training for the day they arrive at their new world. 3>A small group of vampires use wars as a cover for their hunting 4> An experiment has fractured time. Each character in the story is now experiencing time in a different way making it nearly impossible to work together to solve the problem. 5> Given the magical ability to shapeshift a wild animal deals with his new intelligence and power along with his natural instincts Hope that something here sparked something in your mind.
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