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Top 5 Science Fiction Rumors I Made Up
There are always rumors flying around the Internet, and sometimes they even turn out to be true, but often the most interesting are those that have no basis in reality at all, yet they still serve a purpose as a starting point for interesting conversations and new ways of thinking. Here are a few rumors that I just made up in hopes of starting an Internet wide conversation.

5. Scifi's Flash Gordan to get big screen adaption
Though Flash Gordan was unable to gather an audience on the Scifi channel executives believe that it is the perfect vehicle for them to make the jump to producing big budget theatrical releases. Other possibilities which were considered were Mansquito and Chupracabra.

4. George Lucas to make cameo appearance in new J.J Abrams Star Trek Movie
Though rumors are being denied several have reported seeing George Lucas on the set of the new Star Trek movie wearing a red Star Fleet uniform with a large black scorch mark on the front. Neither J.J. Abrams or George Lucas were available for comment.

3. Kevin Sorbo to play Spiderman in Spiderman 4
After negotiations with Spiderman star Tobey Maquire fell through a few days ago names began to be circulated to replace him in the superhero franchise. Those names included, Orlando Bloom, Ben Afleck, and Jean Claude Van Damme but executives have seemingly come to the decision to use Kevin Sorbo, best known for playing Herculie's, as the Webcrawler.
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2. Wonder Woman Revealed to be a Robot
In an attempt to draw more readers to the Wonder Woman comics D.C. writers have decided to reveal in an upcoming issue that Princess Diana is, and always was, A robot. This shock to comic book fans is said to have been foreshadowed by William Moulton Marston as early as 1943.
"I'm very excited to be the one D.C. decided to be the one to reveal this longtime secret," said Dennis O'Neil current writer of Princess Diana: Wonder Woman.
D.C. has not yet said if the title of the upcoming books will be changed to Pricness Dianan: Wonder Robot.

1. Uwi Boll to write and direct next Batman Movie
"We believe that this award winning director deserves a chance to direct higher profile movies," one executive at Warner Brothers said.
Uwi is reported to be excited about the chance to put his own special spin on the Batman franchise and is already soliciting funds from contacts in Germany.
(The really sad part is someone thought of this first. I found it while finishing this post)
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