Elton Gahr

I don't much like to talk about myself. I never really have. In the past when pressed I have always said that I'm boring. I hope that isn't true, but it's easier than being open about who I am.

At the heart I am consumed by my dreams. I hear the term author and writer thrown out by most people. I am those, but my dream is to be a storyteller. I want to create places no one else has ever seen and explore ideas the way that people in the past explored new continents ]. For me this is a calling than goes beyond publishing a book or finding the perfect series of words. Those are secondary to the discovery and are mostly important to allow me to both share what I have discovered and earn enough to spend more time in the exploration.

For some my life may seem a failure because of that unceasing and unrelenting dream. I choose learning the craft of writing from books and by spending thousands of hours writing rather than going to college. I have never tried to get an "adult" job because for me telling stories is my job. Everything else is just work and at it’s core unimportant. So I deliver pizzas because I can listen to audio book while driving and make enough part time to pay my bills (most of the time).

In many ways my personal life has been dominated by those dreams as well. I'd rather spend the night at home with a book than go to a bar or even a party with my friends(I have a few good friends despite my best efforts) and when I do go to a party I'd rather play board games than drink and most of the time I’d rather be writing than doing either of those.

I do have a couple of hobbies. I play more video games than I probably should, though I excuse that by doing so while listening to audio books or podcasts so that it can be interpreted as work. I also write comic books. I a hobby because, while I would happily do it as a job no one has offered and it takes me far less time to write a comic book story than it takes someone to draw it, so I put my more time into writing stories that don’t require me to wait for someone else.

So when I'm not delivering pizza while listening to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the hundredth time or avoiding my friends to read a book I am writing. I mostly write science fiction and fantasy stories. Often short, sometimes novel length.  Other time's I'll throw out a blog post about a movie or TV show I watched or some random thoughts that are buzzing through my brain and need out. Many of those are archived on this very site. Often written years ago on a boring afternoon with only a small bit of editing.