Spaceship Vision: The Impossible Dream

A science fiction novel written By Elton Gahr


Spaceship Vision

Three hundred years into the future humanity has given up. Democracy has been abandoned, freedom is almost nonexistent and the idea of doing anything about it is nothing more than an impossible dream held on to by a handful of people.

The spaceship Vision is an exception. Run by one of those dreamers even before meeting the twins Ethan and Nathan it was an oasis of freedom in an ocean of oppression. And now, after a lifetime of fighting an unwinnable battle a way to change everything has fallen into Don’s lap thanks to the discovery of faster than light travel.

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The Captain

Born into one of the noble families that control the space stations where most of humanity now lives Don never wanted for anything. But as the third son of a weak noble he stood to inherit nothing. 

His father couldn't stand by and allow his youngest son to become little more than a peasant so he took decisive action to take control of the parts of the space-station which his brother had inherited. That action involved turning off the oxygen to that section of the station killing three thousand people, including his own brother while Don stood by and watched helplessly.

But Don was unwilling to accept that so he gave up his title and power and took from his father only a hundred year old cargo ship that had been abandoned. He named the ship The Vision because he hoped to allow people to see a vision of a better way. Since then he has struggled to make the ship one of the few places in the solar system where people can live free.

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The Engineer 

Those freeing the oppression of the nobility sometimes flee to the outer edge of the solar system. Taking refuge in the Ort Cloud guarantees at least some freedom, but at a cost. So far from everything the colonies must remain small and everyone has to do a job.

As the second child of two reclamation engineers Celeste was an extra mouth to feed in a colony that couldn't afford it. With no other choice she joined the Vision with the promise of improving the ships recycling capabilities so that the ship cost less to run. Don saw she could be more and put her in charge of all maintenance on the ship.

The Cabin Boy

Born into poverty Dean was brought on as the captain’s assistant. Too young to fully appreciate the events happening around him Dean is being groomed to become captain someday. But for now everyone on the ship is focused on allowing him to live a life free of the scars that define their lives.

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The Pilot

While traveling through the asteroid belt Mary's ship was attacked by pirates and she was captured. She remained the captive of brutal men for the next years, but never stopped fighting killing two of the men who held her in the fight that the crew of The Vision rescued her.

Two years later she has proven herself one of the most capable pilots in the solar system and proving both to herself and everyone around her that she is one of the most capable people in the solar system.

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The Solder

Grown in a laboratory to be the perfect soldier and nothing else West has grown to be something more than he was meant to be thanks to the members of the Spaceship Vision. But while the crew of The Vision trusts West he still doesn't trust himself.

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The Geniuses 

Born in the domes of Mars and destined to be nothing more than farmers Nathan and Ethan wanted more. Together they taught themselves engineering and science and because they were willing to believe that the impossible was possible they created an engine that changed everything. 

But the engine alone wasn't enough. They needed something even more impossible. They needed to find someone who would use such great power to help others rather than himself.

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