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Omniscient Narrator

.. so Samantha learned to listen carefully and always do what she was told.


The End.


Um, boss, the switch isn't working. The meat brain is still reading this. Of course I flipped the switch it's not the first day on the job. No, you need to get someone from tech support down here immediately. Because it's still reading this. No I can't just stop. Because it's connected to my thoughts.


Fine, I'll get rid of the meat brain.


Samantha sat down on her chair and looked at the wall contented and happy and nothing at all happened.




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A Game of Secrets

 A Game of Secrets



Stillon pulled the wide leather straps around his chest tight pulling his wings as flat against his body as he could stand. He then pulled on the thick, scratchy, woolen robe over his head to hide the lumps on his back. Once that was done he turned slowly in front of the mirror to make certain that there was nothing to draw attention to him. He then unlocked his door and stepped into the hallway that led to the main room of the inn.


He could hear the sound of the bard from down the hall but he ignored it. That his hearing was better than a humans was another one of the things he hid and he had gotten good at it. He hardly thought about the things he hid anymore. Instead he focused on the smell of baking bread and cheap ale as he sat down at the counter listening to the calming sound of music from they gray haired bard.


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