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Omniscient Narrator

.. so Samantha learned to listen carefully and always do what she was told.


The End.


Um, boss, the switch isn't working. The meat brain is still reading this. Of course I flipped the switch it's not the first day on the job. No, you need to get someone from tech support down here immediately. Because it's still reading this. No I can't just stop. Because it's connected to my thoughts.


Fine, I'll get rid of the meat brain.


Samantha sat down on her chair and looked at the wall contented and happy and nothing at all happened.




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The Park
From time to time I visit a small park south of my hometown. It’s a fairly average park with a baseball field, a small river, picnic benches and a few miles of paths that meander through the woods. It is those paths that brought me to the park. I like to bring a small lunch and a book and wander from bench to bench. It's a way for someone who spends too much time at a computer to get outside and exercise without being to bored. Not that the park doesn’t bore me. That’s what the book is for. It’s also why I noticed something odd. Not that I really thought much about it at first. It was simply a story I told myself to keep my mind busy, but over time the other explanations began to disappear.
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