Escapist Fantasy


Brett walked into the DMV. The woman behind the desk smiled as he entered. He moved past the velvet rope because there was no line since there was sufficient staff working to help people as they came in. He handed the small piles of paper to the woman behind the counter who quickly and efficiently filled out a reasonable amount of paperwork.

It turned out he had missed a needed form but the woman kept a copy of the needed forms next to help desk to save time so he didn't have to find it himself and because there was no waiting line Brett didn't feel bad filling out the short easy form standing at her desk.

While he filled it out the woman looked over the rest of his papers and finished inputting everything into her computer. Thanks to an easy to navigate website and simple instructions he had everything he needed and by the time he was done she had everything entered into the computer and only needed him to sign one place.

The registration fee turned out to be less than Brett had expected and he walked out of the DMV barely five minutes after he had entered still in a good mood and without having wasted half a day.