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Deadpool and the Wolverine Movie
After a discussion with some good friends about the Wolverine movie as well and reading a couple Deadpool comic books recently I decided to comment on the character in the movie. Since Deadpool doesn't really appear until the end of the movie It will be spoilery. The first problem with the character is of course that his mouth was sewn shut. This is a joke I suppose but the character's nickname is "The Merc with the mouth," so having him without a mouth seems to be a bit problematic. Second is the breaking of the fourth wall. I understand that this might be odd in a movie, but that is what deadpool does and you could have done it without completely doing it. Simply have him look into the camera that could have been to the audience but also could be to one of the other characters. I can understand the decisions to do it this way. The movie is called X-men origins: Wolverine so having deadpool take over the end would have been problematic. So here is an idea on how to avoid completely changing Deadpool while still allowing wolverine to star in the end of his own movie... Ready? Here it is. DON'T USE DEADPOOL AS THE VILLAIN. I know it's radical but here's my thought. If the character you are choosing doesn't work in the plot use someone else. There are roughly 9 million mutants in the x-men universe so choose someone else. This has of course happened in many other comic book movies as well, and it's not that i feel that the character has to be an exact copy of the one in the book. I enjoy smallville most of the time and that show regularly plays with villains and heroes, the difference is that you can still recognise them as the same character even without the names. Here are a few things about deadpool that they changed, his powers, his look, his motivation, his personality and his origin. So what makes this character deadpool? He is called dead pool beacues, get this, he is a pool of death created to be weapon 11. Finally I wanted to comment on how this will effect upcoming movies. This may not seem important since the character dies at the end of the movie but there are strong rumors that there will be a Deadpool movie. So will it simply ignore everything that happened in this movie or will it try to turn this character into the one from the comics?
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X-men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fun summer movie and if you turn off your brain you'll enjoy it, but the more you think about it the more the small plot holes and problems begin to show up.None of them should ruin your enjoyment of the film but if you're a stickler for perfect accuracy they could be a problem. Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine and he does an excellent job, which isn't a surprise as he has done a good job in the previous X-men movies. None of the other actors were truly great or bad. The man who played Wolverines brother(Liev Schreiber) was effective as a man similar to Wolverine who just went to far. Stryker (Danny Huston) was able to seem a credible villain to a character that effectively can't die. Ryan Reynolds also did a good job of being memorable enough early in the movie to be recognizable late in the movie even through the makeup. The story itself was one that I mostly already knew.  Wolverines story as a young sickly child was told well enough in the few minutes and  his time with Stryker's Team was interesting but not great. Overall that was my opinion of the entire movie.There were multiple good scenes, interesting ideas, all the plot points that needed to be hit were but nothing excited me about this movie. It just felt flat in many ways. I don't know that i can truly articulate why because I'm not certain that I understand. I suspect that it is partially the problem of the prequel. I knew where the story was going and what had to happen to move it there too often.  But that can't be all of it because I have often enjoyed watching movies such as Lord of the Rings where i knew where it was going. There is also the issue of the character never being in any real danger. There is the implication in the movie that if you cut off his head it might kill him, but I'm not entirely sure why everyone assumes this. If you can shoot him in the head and he'll get over it why would cutting his neck kill him? Overall though I think it's because I find Wolverine a more interesting character when you don't know who he is or where he came from. Hints and ideas from the comics that may or may not be true work perfectly for this character. Seeing everything that actually happened doesn't work as well for me, but even that is not truly a criticism of the movie because the comics have already given his history and I already knew it. All in all, if you like the X-men movies you'll enjoy this. It's considerably better than X-men 3 but probably not as good as x-men 2.  So go in aware that there will be a few misses on special effects and a couple plot points that you just have to go with and you'll generally enjoy this movie.
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