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Clear Proof the Swiss have Time Travel
In retrospect it seems obvious. The Swiss clearly have time travel, and while many of the specifics aren't fully known the evidence is available and should be investigated. As demonstrated by the find of the ring-watch in this photo, which was found in a Chinese tome which had been sealed for over four hundred years. This means they have went back at least four hundred years to manipulate the social evolution of China. Possibly even introducing that song that plays constantly in every Chinese restaurant in the world. But introducing mildly annoying music is far from their only goal. Think about it. Who else but time travelers could come up with something so clearly superior as the swiss army knife, a knife which would be extremely useful in their time traveling escapades. They are of course also known for their intricate and perfectly timed watches. This again is clearly because of a mix of future technology and obsession with time, both clear signs of a culture which has mastered time travel. But it is not only their superior technology which gives away their time travel. How else can you explain their ability to stay out of world war one and world war two. Their neutrality is a cover for the truth that they not only used time travel to manipulate the war, but likely to cause it, sending Europe into a ago of chaos to give themselves more time to prepare. And that is clearly what this is all about. This allegedly neutral country is anything but. Take for example the Swedish bikini team. They may seem harmless but the truth is that they are really a team of highly trained assassins. Their ultimate goal is yet unknown, but I suspect it to be nothing less than world domination, but I believe I may have uncovered the means by which they travel through time. Yodeling. It is the only explanation for this music. They practice for years to modulate their voices to interact with the strange crystalline structure of the rocks found only in the alps allowing those most skilled to break through time. I submit that the only chance we have is to begin training a squad of marines to yodel and send them as soon as possible to travel into these deadly mountains and begin to fight the Swiss time travelers wherever they may go. Don't take my word for it though. Check out the story.
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