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Villain Spotlight: The Spot
There is something noble about someone who gives up what is clearly a billion dollar idea in order to persue a life of petty crime. And that is the story of The Spot. The Spot, Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, while working for The Kingpin created a small black spot that led him to an odd dimension where he was covered with similar spots. These spots, that he can make any size, allow instantaneous travel through this alternate dimension. So why not simply take the million dollar Nobel prize and use the spots to replace the entire airline industry? The Spot has too much integrity for that.  He understood that the true use of any world shattering technological advancement is to rob banks. The Spot defeated both Spiderman and Blackcat during his first attack on the pair, using the ability to travel instantly through dimensions to punch Spiderman in the back of the head while he was laughing at the name The Spot. By the time the two met again Spiderman had gotten past the humor of the name The Spot and though he put up a valiant battle The Spot was defeated by the web crawler. Rather than simply admitting defeat and moving on to plan b(Selling the plans for the spots to the US military for 500 billion dollars) he joined the Spiderman Revenge Squad. This group was nearly able to succeed where the sinister six had failed so many times but nearing their moment of triumph Grizzly and The Gibbon turned on the team. Things began to go badly for The Spot after that. He was forced by The Gidion Trust to open a portal to The Negative Zone so they could exploit its natural resource and even had his neck broken by Tombstone though he seemed to have healed a few months later. No matter the path that The Spot takes in the future you can rest assured that this honorable man will resist any urge to use his abilities to make an honest living. The Spot is one of a rare few who understands villainy is far more important than profit and we could all stand to learn from his example.
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