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Smallville and Supernatural Renewed.

Some had questioned if CW would itself be renewed but with six of its shows being renewed in the last few days it seems likely that the CW network will continue for another year. The Negotiations with Tom Welling can be assumed to have went well and with so many casting changes in the last years the show seems strong enough to survive with only Clark Kent because while there were times in the past that I didn't care much for Smallville this last season has been very good and I hope that they bring back some more comic book writers for the next season. The guest writer for Legion, , Geoff Johns, did a great job.
I also question if they can stretch out him becoming superman out for another season without stretching the story past its credibility. Either they are going to have to throw another block in his way or allow him to grow into what everyone knows he is because they can only go with the blue-red blur thing so long before it becomes silly.
I can't comment as much on Supernatural. I've been meaning to catch up on it for a while but everyone who I know who has watched it says it's great and I plan to watch it on DVD soon so I'm glad that there will be more to watch.
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