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Stargate Universe Casting News

Ming-Na from El and Elyse Levesque from Smallville have been announced as the newest members of the Stargate Universe cast. Others who have previously been announced are Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips, Alaina Huffman, Justin Louis, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith and Brian J. Smith.
Stargate Universe will follow a crew on an ancient ship Destiny which will be trapped in the far reaches of the universe. According to EW.Com Ming-Na will play the highest ranked survivor and Elyse Levesque wil play the daughter of a U.S. Senator.
Much of this sounds like the same setup as Stargate Atlantis to me with a group of Stargate personnel stuck in a distant galaxy searching for a way home.
Still, Stargate Atlantis was getting really good and with some strong casting this show could be good and I will be watching in October.
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