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Wachowski Brothers to Reboot Superman

Rumors are that the Wachowski Brothers have given over control of the Plastic Man movie to the second unit director in order to begin a new Superman Trilogy. If this is true it is most likely because Brian Singer refused to helm a re-boot of the Superman franchise being the only man left in America who thought that Superman Returns was a good movie.
I'm not certain what to think about this. It's hard to imagine not re-booting superman after the last movie which seemed determined to get everything wrong but using the Wachowski Brothers seems like a dangerous move.
It's not that they good enough, it's almost the opposite. They have a very strong style. Take "Speed Racer" As the only adult to have watched "Speed Racer" without a child present I can say that while it wasn't even near the realm of good it certainly had style. But with Superman they are either going to be forced to make something that isn't their style or we're going to get a superman trilogy which is the Wachowski Brothers superman.
At least they got someone who know about Comics and action movies though so that is promising.
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