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Villains Spotlight #2: Cycle Nurses

As everyone knows nurses are the most dangerous members of the medical establishment, a fact that Johnny Blaze discovered in Ghost Rider #20.
After kidnapping Lucas Collier from the hospital the Brimstone Biker attempted to escape, but he hadn't counted on the Cycle Nurses fought him with guns, blades and anything else they could get, nearly defeating the spirit of vengeance as they chased him through the back roads of Montana.
Eventually the cowardly kidnapper led the nurses onto highway 18. The nurses, likely knowing the danger but willing to risk everything for the child, fought both the Ghostrider and the cannibalistic specters getting killed.
The young kidnapped boy even got into the fight showing clear signs of Stockholm syndrome helped to kill the angel which came to liberate him from Johnny Blaze.
The so called hero of this story then went on to find the innocent descendant of one of the killers of the cannibalistic specters and fed him to the ghosts, but that's another story.
The lesson of the Cycle Nurses is clear. You must never underestimate the dedication and strength of a hospital nursing staff, especially one which has allied itself with a rebel angel of vengeance who wants to overthrow God.
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