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Three Sci-fi Miniseries Announced
For some time it has appeared that the best people at the Scifi channel are those who work on their miniseries. Not all of them have been gold but if you compare them to the movies which they put out they are fantastic. With the announcement of three more miniseries coming i can only hope that they continue to do a good job, because while none of them jump out at me as the best of ideas they could all be interesting if done correctly. First there is a "Riverworld" miniseries. This is one of those books that everyone seems to want make into a movie or tv series. It's an interesting idea but I suspect it's really because of the idea of having historical figures in it. Perhaps with the extra time that a miniseries gives them they can make something really interesting. Second is "The Phantom" A take on a comic book superhero. Since the character has been around since 1936 I can only assume that there have been some good stories which would allow for an interesting miniseries. The third is a retelling of the "Alice in Wonderland" story. This is the one that interests me the least. With no more information that the description as a retelling of the "Alice in Wonderland" story I get the feeling that they might want to recreate Tin man. i didn't mind tin man, but it wasn't good enough to be copied either.
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