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Wolverine Origins Leaked: What really happened
You may have already heard that a pirated copy of the unreleased movie Wolverine Origins was leaked onto the Internet. The leaking of movies onto the Internet is not an unusual event but this is one of the earliest leaks and many involved with the movie fear that it will cut into box office sales, and had brought in the FBI to investigate. In an attempt to help Huge Jackman I have contacted my sources in the underground and it appears that the there may be more to the pirated release of this movie than it first appears. As I have been able to piece it together the story begins nearly three weeks before the movie was leaked onto the Internet when an intern was secretly replaced by a robot replica. This replica, began to implement a plan to put secret subliminal messages into the movie Wolverine Origins that would put everyone who watched it under the mental control of a secret villainous organization bent on world domination. It was because of this that agent Hugh Markman was sent into the movie. Hugh Markman, it can now be relieved, is a genetically improved clone of Hugh Jackman. In the course of the battle the android began to throw razor sharp disks at Hugh Markman who was forced to take cover behind a bank of computers where the movie was being edited. Disarmed and under barrage the secret agent was forced to send out a message in a more unconventional form and so in a desperate attempt to free himself he released a copy of Wolverine Origins onto the Internet. Recognizing this as a cry for help the FBI sent in task force X to rescue their man, destroying the Android, and any evidence of who may have built the machine, except for a single clue, a small recess in the head with manual controls, a few white hairs and the word Narf, which was heard by several eyewitnesses and is now suspected to be some type of password used by the members of this criminal organization to identify themselves and a single frame of security camera footage seen below.
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