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Scifi in HD
My cable company added several new high definition channels. Looking over the list the one that excited me the most was the Sci-Fi Channel. I tend to not watch Scifi channel a lot. So looking through the channel list. There is nothing on that I want to watch in HD. They have some good programming on, like the Twilight Zone but black and white TV shows don't scream HD. Also avalible are some horrible new sci-fi movies. It's not that they make bad low budget movies that is frustrating. Some of their bad movies are actually kinda fun once, but they keep reshowing them.  These aren't the type of movie that gets better after more views. That leaves a reairing of Lost. I like lost and on its surface it seems perfect except that I already had a channel that showed Lost in HD. It was one of the handful of channels I have before. I found a solution to the problem though, and changed the station to the high definition food network and watched the Iron Chef. This network already made me hungry but it might as well be science fiction based on the chances of me ever getting to eat anything they show on it.
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