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Internal Consistency-- the unbreakable rule in science fiction and fantasy
I like to find my way around rules and ideas in storytelling and I enjoy it when others do so as well. Often what we call rules are little more than ideas that usually work, but there are a set of rules that you must be very aware of and never break. This are the internal rules of the story that you set up. This is of course extra important when you are dealing with science fiction and fantasy that have internal rules that often break the rules of the world as we know it, but they aren't the only one. You can't write a romance set in the 18th century and then have one of the characters call for help on a cell phone. An example of a movie that fails to do this as well as it should is "Next". The main character can see two minutes into the future, except when it is directly connected to a specific woman then he can see farther. As the movie goes on though this rule are more and more ignored. The writers were aware of it of course and attempted to write around it but at least for me they weren’t successful. Perhaps the most frustrating of internal consistency being tossed out the window is in the end of movies where the heroes have been trying unsuccessfully to stop a plot then at the end something often not as interesting as the first works because it is time for the movie to be over. You knew how long the movie needed to be when you started, why not set up the ending? For science fiction we run into the collective amnesia syndrome when it comes to technology. Some technology, superpower, or other element is on the show. Perhaps a time machine, or a character who can heal people with her blood, but everyone seems to conveniently forget that when the time comes. They have the time show episode and then no one bothers suggesting that perhaps the solution to the problem this week might be using the time machine from last week, and while I understand you can't expect the writers to always see this, and you wouldn't want them to fall back on the same technology to solve every solution why not simply explain why it doesn’t work rather than simply pretending it doesn’t exist? In the end most of the time people will accept any stretch of logic so long as it is written into the basic premise of the show, but nothing will turn of readers and viewers of a show faster than the writers ignoring the rules that they set up, so while the rules of writing can be ignored, the rules of your writing can't.
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The Saturn Awards
It's still a little sad to me that Science Fiction Films are so ignored by the other award ceremonies that they need their own but there is little doubt that it is true.  That is of course not a slam against the Saturn Awards which are always fun. The results this year aren't surprising. Dark Knight came out on top with 5 awards while Benjamin Button and Iron Man each got three. Hellboy won for Horror film, which isn't where I would categorize it but it was better than any horror film that came out so i'm not going to complain. Indiana Jones won for best costume which is fitting since the hat was more interesting than most of the actors in the movie. Lost won best TV series. Not sure if there were any other nominations, perhaps Battlestar Galactica had a chance if you missed the final episode or heroes if you missed the last two seasons. Leonard Nimoy won a lifetime achievement award which he certainly deserves. Even if you ignore Star Trek he's had a good career. -- Visit the Saturn Awards Homepage Best Science Fiction Film: Iron Man Best Fantasy Film: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Best Horror Film: Hellboy II: The Golden Army Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film: The Dark Knight Best Actor: Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) Best Actress: Angelina Jolie (Changeling) Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) Best Supporting Actress: Tilda Swinton (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Best Performance by a Younger Actor: Jaden Christopher Smith (The Day the Earth Stood Still) Best Director: Jon Favreau (Iron Man) Best Writer: Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight) Best Music: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight) Best Costume: Mary Zophres (Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) Best Make-Up: Greg Cannom (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Best Special Effects: Nick Davis, Chris Corbould, Timothy Webber, Paul J. Franklin (The Dark Knight) Best International Film: Let the Right One In Best Animated Film: Wall-E Best Television Series: Lost Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series: Battlestar Galactica Best Presentation on Television: The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice Best Actor on Television: Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) Best Actress on Television: Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica) Best Supporting Actor on Television: Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) Best Supporting Actress on Televison: Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) Guest Starring Role on Television: Jimmy Smits (Dexter) Best DVD Release: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Best DVD Special Edition Release: Stephen King’s The Mist (2 disc Special Edition) Best DVD Classic Film Release: Psycho (Universal Legacy Series) Best DVD Collection: The Godfather-The Coppola Restoration Best Series on DVD: Moonlight Best Retro Series on DVD: The Invaders The Life Career Award: Lance Henriksen The Lifetime Achievement Award: Leonard Nimoy The Visionary Award: Jeffrey Katzenberg
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Bye Bye Beeman
I still enjoy Heroes most every week. This isn't to say that It doesn't have its flaws only that at some point I stopped trying to force it to be the show I wanted it to be and began watching the show that was on the air. The season finally fit that mold perfectly. It wasn't what I had expected and in some ways I wish it had been, but it was a very interesting show and I'm looking forward to more heroes in the future. But when i flipped over to Beaming Beeman I discovered something a little sad. Greg Beeman will not be returning to Heroes for season 4. According to the blog this is a purely financial decision. He knows more about the politics of network TV than I do but I suspect that is only mostly true. Either way Beeman has been a major part of Heroes. As a producer director he effected every show and he directed many of the major episodes. But this is where I back off a little from my sadness. Don't get me wrong he has driected some good episodes, but looking over the list not as many as you might think. Four Months ago was good, but I didn't care much for Duel. So perhaps this is the push Heroes needs to change trajectory a bit. As someone who has enjoyed most of it i can say that there are things that need to be done to improve the show, and I trust they can be.  In my opinion the most important thing they need to do is to stop worrying so much about raiting and worry about putting on a good show. Now you may think that these two are related but the truth is that many of the things that people complain about are ratings over story issues. I think the biggest of those is Hiro. I liked Hiro in the first season, and even in the second season he had something to do, but in this season he has been pointless. He isn't good enough at anything to be useful without his powers and he hasn't had his power most of the time, so as much as i hate to say it they need to find a way to make him interesting or take the hit and write him off the show. On the other hand is Sylar. Sylar has been involved with the plot closely but they still make short term choices with him and then get burned by it. Beeman will be missed on the show I am certain, but all in all if his paycheck being gone would allow us to afford to see the fight between Sylar, Nathan and Peter rather than closing the door then perhaps they made the right decision.
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Random Spoilers -
Burn Notice --  Jennifer Esposito will be Michal's nemesis in the upcoming season. Heroes -- An interview with James Kyson Lee, Ando, revealing a few tidbits. Ando's power does more than amp up people's abilities, We'll see more of Ando and Hiro in the next episodes, new femail baddy in volume 5, Transformers -- Frank Welker, voice of megatron in the cartoons, will, hopefully, voice soundwave. John Turturro will likely be voicing skyfire, whom it seems they find in a pyramyd.
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Heroes: Cold Wars

In this episode we will know once and for all if Noah is good or bad, except in the end he's the same person we've always known which is good. One of the things that makes Noah interesting is that he isn't good or bad, he's a person trying to make the best decisions he can. Sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad.
What we do know is that he isn't on the hunters side. He wants things to go back to the way they were and I suspect that the others probably feel the same way. The company may have seemed like the bad guys but really they mostly kept the secrets of people.
Most important thing that he said was that what they need to see in these people is not their powers its their humanity and I really think he believes this not just with Clair but Peter, Matt and Mohinder too.
That brings me to my problem. What did Peter plan on doing with the Hunter? If he wanted to shoot the man why was he talking to him, and if he didn't plan to shoot him what was the plan. I know that they are acting on the spur of the moment here but why not take the information you got, and disappear then formulate a plan.
Over all this was far better than last week and there were several very interesting developments which I liked. Daphne is alive which makes me quite happy, but also the fact that Mohinder got caught is good. It keep the story from stretching out without anything happening.
I am really enjoying having more of a single story in episode rather than having six different stories each of which only gets one or two scenes. It makes each episode feel more coherent and it is very interesting to see how well they can carry an episode without seeing Sylar, Clair, or Hiro.
My final thought is to the last scene. Really Issacs loft again. If they are trying to stay under the radar isn't Mohinders home a bad idea.
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Dramatically Over Analyzing a Photo of Sylar as a Child

It is Joshua Rush in this photo which is from Heroes and on the surface this may seem like a background photo, but we have heard that he will be on the show more in the future so I decided to look at this photo and see what what clues it gives us to Sylar's past and possibly his future.
1- The red of the tricycle clearly represents blood, foreshadowing the violent future of this young boy.
2. The fact that he is riding a tricycle seems to represent the idea that Sylar was more stable in the past than he is now.
3. Allusions to the shinning. A young boy on a tricycle is clearly a hint at "The Shinning" can we infer from this that Sylars father was driven insane at some point?
4. The Glasses- along with naming his child Noah in the future this is clearly another attempt to connect the characters of Mr. Bennett and Sylar. Does this mean that the two are somehow related? Perhaps HRG and Sylar are really brothers.
5. Blue and white shirt- Along with the red of the tricycle this is clearly an attempt to pull at our patriotic heartstrings but perhaps it is more. Is Sylar still fated to become president at some point in the future?
6. Cracks in the wall - Perhaps representing the cracks in his personality formed by the problems in his early family life?
7. Smiling - Was Sylar happy here? Perhaps he was told to smile by someone, or perhaps this is to show what his life could have been like if his father hadn't sold him.
8. streamers - We certainly can't miss the streamers from the tricycles handles. Yellow and red these represent Sylar's victims in the future. A subtle reminder that many people will die because of this young child.

I'm certain that there is much more hidden in this picture by the writers of Heroes. Anyone else see anything?

Check out Spoiler TV for more information.
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When Will Michael Dorn be back on Heroes?

It was great to hear Michal Dorn as president on Heroes at the end of the last volume, but my question now is when do we get to see him again. He only has one episode of Heroes listed on IMDB but I don't know if they put TV programs on before they air so it's possible that he will be back.
If he isn't coming back I suspect that NBC may have made a small error in putting him in that part and compounded that problem by not showing us his face. A normal scene with him wouldn't have created nearly the amount of speculation about Michal Dorn, but by hiding his face you made us all think that you wanted a big reveal next volume.
With another episode of heroes tonight and the Hunter beginning to cause trouble for Nathan I hope that this is the episode where he goes back to the president. What better day for a Michal Dorn to have some real scenes as the president than President's day.
Note to the Writers of Heroes: If you could get him to say "If you were any other man I would kill you," that would be great. Thanks.
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