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Green Lantern Movie Confirmed
It has been announced that there will be a Green Lantern Movie. This is hardly surprising as he is one of the biggest characters in comics to not have his own movie. That said I don't know all that much about The Green Lantern. Mostly I've seen him in a few episodes of the Justice League. Greg Berlanti has been hired to co-write and direct. Berlanti has done TV and the movie "The Broken Hearts Club". Writing with him will be Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green who have written for superman/batman, Blade, Amazing Spiderman and Wolverine. This leads me to the questions. Again I don't know much about the characters but as I understand it there have been at least 2 Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan, a test pilot, Guy Gardner, who was hit by a bus and had brain damage, Kyle Rainer, a graphic artist and John Stewart, a marine. From what I know the two most likely to be chosen are Hal Jordan or John Stewart. I don't know enough about either to really say which I prefer, only that if they choose John Stewart I hope that 1) they don't hire a black actor who has been in a ton of movies(not Will Smith) and 2) they don't make a big deal about him being black. Next is the question of who the villain would be. As I understand it in recent comics There has been a lot of appearances from other color Lanterns some of which are evil. It could be interesting but I suspect a bit to complicated. There is also the possibility of Guy Gardner who I understand went insane, but that requires you to have a Lantern on Earth before the movie starts. Solomon Grundy has fought him a few times but I don't see him carrying an entire plot. Sinestro, a former Green Lantern who now has a yellow power ring. This leads me to the third question. Yellow. So far as I understand it The Green Lanterns in the most recent comic books can control some amount of yellow. Either way I just don't think using yellow as a major plot point is a great idea, but it might work as a minor one. Overall I'm very interested in a Green Lantern Movie but until I see a bit more I'm also going to be skeptical that it will be good. [poll id="20"]
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