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Light Bulbs from Fish DNA
Have you ever thought that the process of making a light bulb seemed a little too complicated? Well the people at the University of Connecticut have found an easier way. All you have to do is extract DNA from fish, add fluorescent dyes, spin them out into nanofibers. This process allows the light to make a material that absorbs ultraviolet light and gives it off as visible light. You can even adjust the color of the light with the amount of dye used, making it brighter or softer. Not only that but these new light bulbs could last far longer than the type you are used to, and they probably don't smell too much like fish. You might naturally assume that the scientists who are creating this new type of light bulb have some greater plan in mind, but they aren't admitting it, so I will reveal how I would use this plan. These new light bulbs using DNA will be far better than the old ones, slowly over the next years they will replace all other light bulbs, then at the scheduled time the scientists will emit a strong burst of energy to each of the light bulbs that will impart the  fish DNA to anyone nearby, turning us into a half-fish slave race. On the other hand it could simply be an interesting example of the many things that we are able to do as we learn to understand DNA better. --Thanks to Tifu from Deviant art for the fishman picture. see the article about it here
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