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Reaper: The Devil and Sam Oliver
Reaper has been a fun show from the beginning, but this season it has been considerably better than last. This is beacuse the job of catching souls has become a smaller part of the show and the characters have become a bigger part. Which leads me to the one thing that has always bothered me about Reaper. It's not a big deal, but with all of his attempts to get away from the devil Sam has never tried to deal with the other side, yet it's clear that everyone knows that he exists. I certainly understand that having God solve the problems of the main character isn't interesting, but having them involved is a good idea, and that appears to be one of the things that happened this episode, though not exactly how you might expect. The other part I expected more. They have been setting up for a while that the only way to get the devil to play against Sam so he could win back his soul was to put up another soul for the bet. Andi is the one that puts up her soul convinced that Sam can win. As the name of the show is Reaper I think it is safe to assume everyone knows he doesn't win. This means that Andi has now lost her soul to the devil. I don't know exactly how they are going to use this next season but I hope that it will give her a little more to do on the show. Most of this season she has felt like she didn't need to be there. Reaper is still primarily just a fun show. There isn't a huge amount of depth, but for what it is meant to be it does a good job and it seems like it is going to continue to get better.
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