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Villain Spotlight: Ibac
Some of the greatest villains in history have been mirrors of the hero who they face. Two face and Batman, the Joker and Batman, the scarecrow and Batman. But Batman isn't the only one who has villains who have similar qualities to him. Captain Marvel, who uses the power of Shazam has a villain who is in many ways his mirror as well, Ibac. Stanly "Stinky" Printwhistle was so desperate for a new name that he sold his soul to Lucifer to become Ibac. Just like Captain Marvel, Ibac gains his power from others. By the combined force of Ivan the Terrible, Caesar Borgia, Attila the Hun, and Caligula he gains super strength, agility and endurance, as well as being tough. What he doesn't seem to get is anything that has anything to do with any of the people who strengthen him. As incentive to destroy captain Marvel, Ibac will lose his soul once he has done his job. This has not worked as well as Lucifer had expected though and Ibac has fulfilled the legacy of the four villains by acting as henchman. Ibac has attempted to reform more than once but is drawn back into crime each time. Yet he still serves as an excellent example of a villian who has taken the strengths and powers of a hero upon himself and used them for his own nefarious purposes and for that reason he has earned his recognitian as a villian.
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