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Bladerunner Webseries
The good news is that Rigly Scott is going to be releasing new bladerunner content on the web under creative commons. The bad news is that he dosn't own the rights to "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" so he can't do everything he wants. I'm of course excited to know that their is new Bladerunner content comming. But the creative commons is what is really interesting. Hollywood has been slowyl accepting the fact that the internet exists over the last five years and have even began moving past the attempt to redefine copying as stealing in putting out a few webisodes and even the odd alternate reality game. This is a step beyond that. THe hope of the producers of this content is to eventually have a TV series. So in some ways this is a pilot, but bladerunner isn't an unknown quantity and though Harrison Ford won't be in it so far as I know and they can't have anything that is copywrited from the movie but it's still another step forward. So next year how about you try this. Take the pilots that are made, put them on the web and see if any of them are really popular. Then the ones that people want to watch get turned into TV series. You won't even have to set up a sight to do it, Hulu will almost certainly host it for you. With every success on the internet the markets grow a little closer together and hopefully we will soon discover that the differences between internet video and TV have disappeared and we will no longer be tied to the whims and schedules of Hollywood executives. News from
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