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Top 10 reasons Battlefield Earth is better than Star Wars
10. John Travolta vs. Harrison Ford

Clearly John Travolta is the superior actor, just look at their movie careers. Sure Harrison Ford was in Bladerunner, Indiana Jones, Patriot Games, Presumed Innocent, and American Graffiti... but John Travolta was in Face Off, Michael, Phenomenon and The Punisher.

9. No Jar Jar Binks in Battlefield Earth

'Nuff said.

8. The Scroll

Both have scrolling text before the movie starts, but Star wars text is at an angle making it difficult to read, and Star wars text is yellow while Battlefield’s earth is green. Everyone knows green is 27.3% better than yellow.

7. Uniqueness

Get in on the ground floor now. Start your own fan club, become this movie’s number one fan. Dress up as Trel at the conventions and you’ll be the only one. Dress up as Darth Vader and you’ll end up standing in the six hour line for C3PO’s autograph with three other people in the same costume.

6. Great Scene Transitions

Does Star Wars have great scene transitions… no. But Battlefield Earth does. It says so right on the DVD cover.

5. Time Management

There are six star wars movies, not even counting the star wars Christmas special, and now there is an ongoing cartoon series. That’s a huge time sync. As a Battlefield Earth fan you’ll never have to worry about any of that. Not only that but the 2 hours of Battlefield Earth feels like 10 so if you only have 2 hours before work this is the perfect movie.

4. The Bar Scene
Obi-wan cutting off someone’s hand has nothing on watching John Travolta lovingly hug three tubes filled with green alcohol.

3. Rivalry
There are no rivalries between Battlefield earth fans and any other fans. Say you’re a Star Wars fan to a trekkie and you’re in for an argument, say you’re a Battlefield Earth fan and no one will ever argue with you. Heck, they’ll be so embarrassed they’ll probably never even talk to you again.

2. Trivia
Have you ever tried to match trivia knowledge with a real star wars fan? No need now... become an expert on Battlefield Earth and you can corner the market. I’ll get you started: did you know that Battlefield earth won 7 Razzies? Yes, this is an award winning film.

1. Movie Appreciation
After watching Battlefield Earth Every movie you watch will seem better. You can’t say that about Star Wars.
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