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Avatar: The Last Airbender movie by M. Night Shyamalan
I've watched the first three seasons of Avatar and currently am waiting for Netflix to send me the forth. This is a really fun cartoon. That said I'm not certain what to think about the Live action movie. There is no longer any question that it will happen, it is scheduled for release July 2, 2010. But the most interesting part for me is that it is being directed by M. Night Shymalan. With M. Night being so hit and miss with his movies this is going to be a very interesting test for him and perhaps one of his last chances to truly impress a lot of people who are giving up on him before he begins to slide into obscurity. The issue isn't that he's a bad director. He's done good movies and even the movies he have done that were bad weren't terribly directed. The problem is two fold. One, people didn't like the twists/story and two he has an extremely distinctive style that can sometimes overwhelm things. We can assume that the story won't be an issue with Airbender. The story has already been written and though I don't know the end I suspect that he will be unable to make a major twist at the end. that leaves the style issue. Can M. Night create a movie without interjecting so much of his style in that it distracts or will his style fit perfectly with Avatar and he can make this movie both really good and about something completely different than what you think it's about at the beginning. what i do know is that I like M. Night Shyamalan and I like The Last Airbender so I'm pulling for everything to fit together and be fun to watch. Pictures from Sci-fi Wire The first season of the cartoon is also available for instant watch on Netflix
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