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First Scientific discovry made by a Robot
The first scientific discovery made by a computer on its own happened today. Adam i room sized computer with three arms a centrifuge, 7 cameras, 20 environmental sensors, and incubators and it is obsessed with yeast. Yeast may not be the most exciting of studies for many of us but human scientists have been solve this problem for fifty years and in truth the experiment itself isn't what is important it is that this is proof that we are able to create machines which can solve problems on their own. With four personal computers doing the thinking this computer has a great deal of room for improvement and it can not yet be called an artificial intelligence in any meaningful way but with eve coming out next year to study drugs to combat malaria it seems that computers able to solve problems humans can not is no longer a idea restricted to science fiction. I for one welcome our robot overlord. Might I suggest the first thing you do is find a name that is a bit less cliche. See the story here.
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