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The Mercury Men, web series

I try to keep up on as many Web Series as I can. I am excited at the prospect that the creativity which Hollywood often seems to be lacking can be expressed on the Internet. With special effects becoming less cost prohibitive every day the only ingredient which is is truly required to make a great product is talent.
Picking out talent from stills, storyboards and the like is difficult, but there is certainly enough in the Mercury Men Stills and storyboards to make me want to see it. The stills on it's website appear to imply that the show will be black and white and with considerable talent involved.
The show itself appears to be about a man who is trapped in his office building when a group of aliens capture it and begin to prepare to destroy the world.
The idea, it appears, is to go back to the roots of science fiction, the old serials, not as a camp reenactment but as a serious attempt to use a form of cinema which was once very popular in the world of new media. I wish them the best and will continue to watch their website for more details.
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