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Casting my Science Fiction Movie
I have decided for today to cast a science fiction movie. The plot is that the new captain has stepped into the position of taking over the most important star ship humanity has. The older crew has remained on the ship in order to help train him and the new crew but unexpected problems arise. Harrison Ford A clear choice for this movie, he will probably take role of the rogue officer who doesn't follow orders and would have been fired long ago if not for the skill with which he performs his job. Patric Stewart My first thought for captain I suspect that it would be predictable and in a movie the captain is likely to be more of an action role so I see Patric Stewart as the science officer. Anthony Hopkins With this cast there are few people who could pull off a truly believable threat and this would be my first choice for the job. There is no doubt that he can pull of an intense and scary villain. Arnold Schwarzeneger Security officer of the ship, he wouldn't have a lot of lines but those he did say would be important, and not puns or jokes. Nathan Fillion The young new captain, he is brash but brilliant. He spends much of the movie attempting to convince the older members of the crew that he is the correct person to be in charge of this ship.
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Castle - Staring Nathan Fillion
I wouldn't have watched Castle if it weren't for Nathan Fillion, and I probably wouldn't have liked it if it weren't for him either. Without him this wasn't a bad show. The female cop was fine, Castle's family was interesting enough and the plot was pretty routine. That said I think that Nathan Fillion was perfect casting for this show. As "A 8 year old on a sugar rush" character he is almost perfect. He shows enough that you suspect their's more to him while keeping it fun and I bought that though he was childish he was also a pretty good detective. As premiers go this one was solid and I'm more likely to watch it than any other police drama since I like to keep up with the firefly crew.
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Castle -- Nathan Fillion's New Show

Castle isn't science fiction but it is staring one of my favorite science fiction stars. I hate to admit it but I even watched episodes of Desperate Housewives and Waitress because he was in it and I will give Castle a chance.
So here is my new idea. Chuck has a flash seeing a city sized spaceship landing near the golden Gate bridge. In the course of the investigation he comes across a detective named Castle who has been hot on the case of a robot from the future.
The robot helps them find Shyan Mountain where they find that people have been traveling to other worlds for years but there is no time to explain because Adria has returned and is threatening all life on earth.
With most of there teams gone Jack O'Neil has no choice but to put together an emergency sg team and picks, John Casey, Richard Castle, Cameron Phillips and Dr. Jennifer Keller to stop this new Ori threat.

(I'm really sorry but if you got all of those references you have proved beyond any doubt that you are a nerd)
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