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Plottonium Mine Discovered
Early experiments with Plottonium had unusual results Great news. I have discovered a vein of Plottonium. For those of you who don't know Plottonium is one of the most dangerous and powerful elements in existence. It is able to alter reality in numerous ways. Before explaining my plan to use refined plottonium to take over the world you must understand it's unrefined properties. Plottonium is able to alter the mental capabilities of others. It often makes those around it so stupid as to miss obvious solutions to simple problems. As with many of the effects of plottonium this is most easily seen in TV and movies. In this case in those situations where villains choose to reveal their entire plot to the hero before killing him. It can also be seen in many situations where months of trouble could be ended by a simple conversation that any sane person would have had in five minutes. Another powerful use of plottonium is in the near invulnerability it gives. Unlike traditional vulnerability which allows bullets to bounce off your chest plottonium simply makes them miss you. It is even clear that those with large amounts of plottonium in their system can jump out of airplanes with the full knowledge that someone with a parachute will jump out of the plane after them, catch them in mid air and deploy their parachute without dropping them. The third major effect of unrefined plottonium is the creation of tools. This ability shows the time bending capabilities of plottonium assuring that you will have the exact tools you need for any job. This ability
Plottonium's Reality Altering Effects
of plottonium is best seen in the personalities of Batman and James Bond who both use plottonium to ensure their survival through many trials. (James Bond also uses it to give himself royal strait flushes in poker). The effects of purifying and refining plottonium are difficult to predict due to the odd reality and time shifting nature of the material but I believe that it will allow me to give myself time travel, build a time machine, win the lottery and live forever.
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