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Villain Spotlight #6: Prince Evillo
You have to appreciate someone who doesn't beat around the bush and there is no doubt that Prince Evillo knows exactly who and what he is. The ruler of the planet Tartarus, a perpetually dark world. He rules over it by syphoning off evil and using it to corrupt the innocent. If all that wasn't enough he created a group of villains called "The Devil's Dozen" which were sent to other worlds to commit crimes. And all this is even more impressive when he uses his bio emitters to grow horns and shoot dark rays out of them. Though called the Devil's Dozen, Prince Evillo never felt a need to have more than five followers on his raids of other planets to help support his beleaguered population, not wishing to risk more lives than were necessary. Ultimately the Legion of Superheroes stepped in refusing to allow any aid to be brought to the poor population of Tartarus, and so Prince Evillo was forced to capture lightning lad in a desperate attempt to provide for his people. Rather than facing him directly though, the cowardly members of the Legion disguised themselves and Star Boy and Dream Girl became Sir Prise and Miss Terious. (It seems that by the year 3000 all the good superhero names have been taken as were any names that made you sound like you were more than 12 years old) Even death couldn't stop Prince Evillo who came back a final time in Final Crisis:Legion of 3 words #2 as a reanimated corpse. Now that is dedication, the world is coming to and end and you come back for one final chance to attack your enemies. Think of the courage it takes to wear that costume Think of the courage it takes to wear that costume
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