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Ridley Scott directs Forever War in 3D
This is the type of story that should make Science Fiction fans happy. Here we have a good director making a good story. (No one really cares about the 3D but if it makes the studios happy we can pretend to). If you haven't read The Forever War you really should. There are some similarities to Starship Troopers, but the truth is this story is only partially about war.  The other part of the story which is important is that of change. The key to exploring this is time dilation. The ships the humans use are able to cover massive distances quickly but to everyone else hundreds of years have passed and everything has changed. Change is an even more important subject today than it was in 1976 when this book first came out and if anyone can capture that feeling of change it is Ridley Scott and if he does it really well he can make a movie that will be interesting, and assuming it follows the changes that happened in the book, very controversial.
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