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New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Book

It was an odd feeling when I saw the news that there was to be a New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book mostly because Douglas Adams died while they were making the recent movie and he hadn't written a new book but in the modern age of publishing death of the writer need not end a series.
I don't know much about Eoin Colfe, but he is the one who has been hired by Douglas Adams wife to write the next book in the series and from what I have found this is at least someone who 1) has written books on his own which were at least marginally successful, 2)Has read and enjoyed the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and 3) Also questions the idea of having someone else write the HHGTTG books according to his post at the website for the new book.
I may be skeptical that it will work but I'm still excited by the prospect of a book in this series returning.

For more information on Eoin Colfer check out his webpage.
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