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Best Aliens to Party With
So you want to throw the best party ever and aren’t going to let a little death and destruction get in the way of a good time, then it’s time to expand the guest list to a few other species. Not only will they be an excellent source of conversation but they can virtually guarantee that the party won’t be boring. 5. The Nox

Perhaps not the most exciting race they could be interesting at a party if you happy to like to stay up until four in the morning discussing philosophy but the real reason that you invite the Nox to your party is because with them there the death rate is going to go down considerably and with their ability to create invisibility they can also keep away the riffraff.

4. The Hutts

He may not be the most pleasant of your guests to look at but once you get a few drinks in you the huts seem to know how to have fun. Not only that but as many members of their species are into spice smuggling and they tend to keep a few slaves around so they can cut down dramatically on the cost of the party.

3. The Klingons

They’re loud, they’ll break your stuff, stand too close to you and drink all of your beer but they certainly won’t allow your party to become boring. The Klingons may be fierce warriors on the battlefield but get them into a dank dark room with a barrel of blood wine and they know how to party, just try to remember that making a drunk Klingon warrior angry is a really bad idea.

2. The Centauri

The perfect mixture of regal and fun the Centauri will bring many of the benefits of the other races with a far lower body count. The only real issue with inviting them is that you’ll want to avoid inviting any Narn to your party because while both races can be pleasant enough on their own together they become a real problem.

1. The Betelgeusians

To be fair to the other races most members of the Betelgeusian races probably aren’t all that great at a party, but invite as many as you have to in order to have Zaphod Beeblebrox come to your party. He is the ultimate party alien. President of the Galaxy, and the winner of the worst dressed sentient being in the galaxy seven year in a row. Most important though, he invented the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, which as a drink is described as having your brain smashed out by a lemon wrapped around A large gold brick. Now who wouldn’t want to try that at least once?

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