A Strange Moment

I had a strange moment yesterday watching the Xfiles finalie. (There may be some minor spoilers.) To begin I'll say that the xfiles episode was OK, and that I really hope that they had an actual ending written and decided to go with this when they were told that they would have more episodes. But back to the important thing, me. 

I've been working on a number of short stories lately and was working on one yesterday morning while waiting for an appointment. Here are the notes I wrote about six hours before I watched the Xfiles or had any idea what it was about.

Crispr what is its limit. Could it be used to make viruses to make people sick.

Used as a weapon

Not the Virus Doctor the Gene Doctor (this is for a story with a serial killer.) 

First assumption that he's taking people with gene defects.

Using Crispr to give people genetic defects

How long would it take?

There are a couple other minor questions but if you saw the Xfiles you see my point. I finished my errands, went home, had dinner and then sat down and watched the Xfiles, in which most of the ideas in my notes were in the TV show and since it was the Xfiles I felt some obligation to come up with the most paranormal possibilites of what happened. Perhaps I am psycicly connected to Chris Carter, or perhaps it was the collective unconcious sending both of us the same message. Perhaps time traveling aliens saw my story and brought it back in time to the writers of the xfiles so they could make a mediocor episode of the TV show out of it. 

Of course, also in the style of the x-files I feel the need to have a skeptic. Those ideas are all stupid. As is the idea that either of us stole the idea from the other. (Even if I had written it months and not hours before the show went on the TV). The real answer of course is that lots of people have ideas. Just because you had the idea for a school that teached wizards doesn't mean that J.K. Rowlings stole your idea, or that if you thought of a serial killer who kills serial killers that Dexter was your idea. At best it means that you are good at comming up with basic story ideas. But what most people who aren't writers don't understand is that ideas don't, by themselves, make good stories. There are far more good ideas than good stories and a lot of great stories with mediocor or even bad ideas. 

All that said, it is a wierd mixture of frustrating and strange to watch your idea on the screen even though you had no connection to it and even now I am trying to decide if I have to completely rewrite the basics of the story because even though it will be different it's going to be hard to not think about the xfiles if I write the story as I planned. But either way I think it makes for an interesting story about writing stories.