YouTube Spotlight: Death Battle

There are plenty of places where you can listen to people who would win in a fight and a lot of them are good, but I’ve never found anyone who is as entertaining as the people at ScrewAttack who make Death Battle. That is because Death Battle is more than just an argument about who would win in a fight. It’s a real exploration of the characters followed by an animated battle that uses what they just showed you.


The character that they have fight are widely varied but each battle is typically between two characters who are of a roughly similar archetype. They have had battles such as Superman Vs Goku, Boba Fett Vs Samus Aran and Chuck Norris Vs Sagata Sanshiro. And if you don’t know who all of those characters are that’s just fine because they give you all the information before they show the fight.


What makes this truly entertaining is that they use the most powerful versions of the characters. For example in the case of Chuck Norris his abilities include a number of Chuck Norris facts as well as all the abilities from his movies and even cartoon.


The actual battles are the real topper. They generally look like a side scrolling video game fighting game or Saturday morning cartoon with a very minor story and then a fight in which they demonstrate the abilities that they discussed previously. These battles always end with the death of one of the characters and then a final explanation of why the battle went the way that it did.


It’s hard to explain Death Battle except to say that it is able to mix excellent research, humor and production quality. It’s a brilliant show and the only real weakness is that there just isn’t enough of it. But if you haven’t seen Death Battle it’s worth working and you can find ScrewAttack’s channel here or just watch one of my favorites below.



Elton GahrComment