YouTube Spotlight: Emergency Awesome

I’ve found myself recently watching more YouTube. Some of that is the time of the year, but there is also a ton of great stuff on YouTube so I wanted to focus on a few of my favorite creators. In this case I wanted to discuss Emergency Awesome. It’s a good channel with one of the best names on YouTube.


At its most basic Emergency Awesome discusses the episodes of geeky TV and movies. He usually is covering a few shows at once. He covers Marvel movies including agents of shield, Game of Thrones, the Flash and Arrow TV shows, Sherlock, and other excellent shows.


What makes this worth watching is that Charlie really knows his stuff and understands both the geeky part of the shows and how television and movies work. It is from times aimed at people who know a bit less than I do but it’s always entertaining and far faster than a lot of other discussions of the same shows. So if you’re watching any of pop culture that Charlie discusses you should really check out his videos which are the next best thing to sitting down with your super nerdy friend and discussing your favorite shows.


Check it out here