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Review: The Girl with the Killer Eyes by B. B. Kristopher

I like stories about superheros. Of course like most people I generally read them in comic form, but while comics do lend themselves to the action of super heroes there is no reason they need to be in comic form and there are things you can do with a short story you can’t easily do with comics. The most notable of these is that you are closer to the main character in a prose story and in the case of The Girl with the Killer Eyes by B. B. Kristopher you really do get a feeling for the character pretty quickly.

The story begins with Jodie arriving for her first day of work. It is a government security organization that feels like the FBI except that Jodie, and the people she works with, are all superpowered, though the story tries to use other words for it. Jodie is able to shoot energy.

She ends up going out on a mission to stop some superpowered criminals who tunneled into a bank. This is the part of the story that feels the most like a comic book, with everyone using their powers together and villains that are interesting.

This isn’t a mind shattering story, but it is far more realistic than most superhero stories, including those that attempt to say they are realistic because it simply assumes that the government would take control of the situation if superhumans appeared. They might not be entirely successful but it seems inevitable that they would try.

There is a fair amount of humor, good characters and a reasonable story in The Girl with the Killer Eyes by B. B. Kristopher and while this isn’t likely to be anyone’s favorite short story it is well written and if there were more stories written about these characters I would certainly give it a chance because this is a solid, well written and fun short story.Illustrated by Ural Akyuz


You can read the story online here

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