Middlemen: Born of Earth, By Elton Gahr, Get the Free Ebook

While I do enjoy blogging and writing articles my first love in writing is fiction and I am always working on short stories and novels. I have been less diligent about actually making any of them available, until now. I am going to be putting up things on Amazon, and probably other websites eventually as I have them done to my satisfaction.

To that end I have put up the novel Middlemen: Born of Earth on Amazon. And between the 6th and the 10th of this month I will be putting out the free ebook in hopes that more people will see it and try it out. So please, if you have any interest download it, and if you do read it put up a review. It helps out independent writers a lot more than you might think.

As for the book itself, it is an epic fantasy story set in a world where mortal humans have just been created. Largely innocent of the world, they discover that they are at the center of a war between the Highmen and the Lowmen. The dependents of those who fought in the spirit wars. 

With only 12 Middlemen aren't big enough to defend themselves so they attempt to find allies with both the bureaucratic and xenophobic Highmen and the violent and dangerous Lowmen. This leads them deep into the politics and philosophies of both races as they try to convince a hostile world that they have a place in it.

I am happy with this story and glad to give away the free ebook, so I hope that all of you will give it a try and enjoy reading the ebook as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Keep an eye out for more free ebooks in the future as I finish editing more of the stories.