My New Project: Reading Every Hugo Winning Novel

I have been looking for something that I can really focus on, not only on this site, but in general and I have decided. I want to read more good science fiction, so I am going to be reading and writing about every Hugo award winning novel. I will also be making a page on this site for each of them where I can discuss them and my connection to them and when appropriate links to more information about them.

I will be working from this list and doing it chronologically from the date the book was written. This means the first is The Mule by Isaac Asimov. An odd place to start because it is the second half of a book that is the second book in a series, but at least I know it is good. It also did not receive the Hugo until 1996.

This is a long term project with over sixty book, and while I have ready many of these already I am going to go back and read them again at a minimum pace of a book a week.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in joining me on this project I love talking about books and would be willing to set up a more specific schedule than as quickly as I can read them.

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