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My Top 15 movies according to flickchart.com

I have been playing around with flickchart.com for some time now. This is a movie rating site where they give you two movies and you simply say which you like better. Simple, but as you rate it gives you a list of your top movies based on that rating and eventually you end up with a reasonable list that is often suprizing.



The here is of my top 15 movies and while it isn't the list I would make on my own it's not far off and I thought it might be interesting for people. If there are any movies on this list that you haven't seen you should go out immediately and do so.




1. Serenity


2. Batman Begins


3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail


4. The Matrix


5, The Princess Bride


6. The Return of the King


7. Shaun of the Dead


8. The Two Towers


9. Fight Club


10. Silence of the Lambs


11. Fellowship of the Ring


12. Star Wars


13. Gattaca


14, Back to the Future


15. Aliens




As you can see the Lord of the Rings movies are split up on the list, this is basically because the rating is random(though you can choose to rate a specific movie) and if I were making the list I would probably switch Shawn of the Dead and fellowship of the Ring so they were together and if I were to rate more that would likely happen.


What is most odd to me is that Aliens made the top 15. I have never considered myself a fan of aliens and yet nearly every time I had to compare it with another movie it came out ahead.


Flickchart.com is in beta yet so if you want an account you need to contact them but when I did they got back to me quickly so if you're interested in their site you should check it out.



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