Leonard Nimoy on Fringe

Fringe has improved considerably in the last months a the main actors seem to fall better into their roles. Olivia has become someone who isn't depressing to watch and Walter, while still plenty odd has become someone you can relate to and if you like me were about to give up on the show a few episodes ago it is nice to see, and now there is something else that makes me truly excited for this show.

Leonard Nimoy is going to be joining the cast as the head of Massive Dynamics. This is an important part on the show, because so far as we have been shown the entire pattern has something to do with massive dynamics as well as strong connections to Walter.

Overall I think this will be a strong addition to the show which will hopefully bring in a few viewers who are the exact type that the show is searching for as well as making a consistent villain something that almost every show can be improved by.