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Villains Spotlight #4: The Boss Man

One of Spider Man's most dangerous foes the Boss Man is a tactical genius with loyal minions and only a bit of bad luck that allowed Spiderman to once again narrowly escape death.
This highly ranked criminal overload of New York was able to capture Spiderman using nothing but his wit and a Super-steel Spider net.
After capturing Spiderman he locked him in a room with now windows. This room would almost certainly have held the wall crawler forever but for the Boss Man's single miscalculation. Leaving only a single guard to watch the door he did not count on Spider Man having a Hostess Fruit Pie which he was able to bribe the guard with.
This ingenious method of escape proved the single weakness in The Boss Man's organization. While his minions were highly paid and skilled enough to capture the super strongSpiderman they were not giving long enough lunch breaks. This along with the nearly irresistible lure of Hostess Fruit Pies created an inevitable crisis for The Boss Man.
Ironically a short time later A known associate of The Boss Man, Larcenous Lil captured Spiderman with a similar net. Sadly the Boss Man had not been able to come out of hiding long enough to warn the woman that though the net worked perfectly Spiderman was known to carry Hostess Fruit Pies. He once again offered the gun wielding thug a Hostess Fruit Pie and the man freed him from the net.

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