5 Spin off TV shows that worked

With Stargate Universe and Caprica coming up my reaction is to be frustrated by the inability of places to come up with new ideas. It's not that I don't like the originals it's just that I like science fiction because it brings up new ideas and spin-offs don't do that.

So in order to calm myself I decided to make a list of some spin offs which I enjoyed.

5. Xena Warrior Princess

I don't know why i stopped switching the channels the first time I saw Hercules on. The show was new then and I remember one week there was a techwars show on instead but it became better as it went along and though Xena was never as good it had more Bruce Campbell and may have helped lead the way to Jack of all Trades.

4. The Simpons

I'm not certain that anyone remembers the Tracy Ulman show but this was the original home of The Simpsons until it became its own half hour TV show which has had some success.

3. Stargate Atlantis

Five years isn't a bad run and in it's last season stargate Atlantis was still getting better. I just hope that Stargate Universe doesn't have to start with uninteresting characters so they can get rid of them and replace t

hem later like Stargate Atlantis did.

2. Angel

Angel always felt more like it was made for me than Buffy. Buffy was about growing up, and while I liked the show Angel was about being responsible a message that is more relevant to me at my age even now. I even like the end in which they realize

that the war never ends, that the struggle to be good and to fight evil isn't one we can assume our parents already fought or leave to our children.

1. Star Trek the Next Generation

As someone who has liked every incarnation of Star Trek on

TV this is a show that has allowed for hundreds of hours of TV that I truly enjoy. This show like many spin offs started a little weak, but it gained strength quickly and by the time it was in it's second season it was in many ways as good as the original and is arguably better after it's entire run.