I'm trying very hard to care about the characters of dollhouse but after several weeks of watching there just isn't anyone i really care about and this episode didn't help.

I'm not even sure if i'm supposed to care about any of them. Echo really is an empty vessel and though I can empathise with her predicament a little the truth is that I don't really care about anything she does.

Then there are the people in the dollhouse. Some of them are portrayed as good people, but every one of them is helping to exploit the dolls. They are not just allowing evil to happen by ignoring it but activly helping it. From the doctors to the scientists to her handler, some may seem like nicer people than others but they are all helping this.

That only leaves the FBI agent who is tracking her. I should care about this character. I like the actor, and he's doing the right thing. I just don't care. There is no jepordy for this character. If he fails he's lost nothing and if he succeeds he'll feel good about it but that's about it.

With all of that we come to the story. Echo is a blind, religious girl sent into a cult in this episode to help rescue people  from teh cult. There are numerous things that just don't make all that much sense in this but the real problem is that I just don't really care. the people in the cult didn't even ask for help and though we're told that the cult leader is a bad guy there isn't a lot of signs of that until the government starts to bother him.

Overall I still want to like dollhouse. I think there are interesting ideas here and opportunites for a good show but it really needs to move on. Have Echo escape, or chose to stay even though she knows that they did, or something else, but move the overall plot out of where it's at because until you do that I can't imagine that I'm going to care.