Villain Spotlight: Right-Winger

Do not confuse Right-Winger with Left-Winger. Right-Winger is evil in every conceivable way. He hates  children and puppies but loves war because it kills children and puppies, while left-winger, his partner, loves peace, puppies and children.

Right-winger started out as a member of the military industrial complex serving four years but finding peace boring, Jerry Johnson, the Right-winger, join the Power Brokers Strength Augmentation Program.

Upon completing this hugely dangerous, expensive and criminal process Right-Winger immediately joined the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, presumably to help himself train his new found abilities and not because he just liked to wrestle.

After gaining some notoriety as a superhuman wrestler he was recruited to join the Bold Urban Commandos, also called the Buckies. This three man teem all wore variations of the Captain America costume and fought in urban areas boldly.

But before they could boldly fight urban crime they must get rid of the ultimate enemy. Captain America. They did this not by overwhelming him with the spectacular moves that Right-Winger learned during his wrestling career but by pretending to attack John Walker during talk he was giving against Captain America.

This worked and John Walker was named the new Captain America, but John Walker didn't chose the right-winger, or even the loving, kind and nearly perfect Left-winger to become his partner but instead chose Lemar Hoskins because he was the only one of the group willing to be called Bucky. (Later he became unable to withstand the humiliation and changed the name to Battlestar)

Feeling betrayed by John Walker the two partners revealed his identity to the public. This dastardly dead committed by Right-winger, and patriotic stance against masked vigilantes committed by Left-winger led to the death of John Walker's Parents and drove John Walker into a near mental breakdown.

The two then fought John Walker in an epic battle on an oil tanker which eventually exploded with Right-winger and Left-winger inside.