Batwoman Takes Over Detective Comics

That's right. Batman is away and he's evidential left Gotham in the hands of Batwoman. This seems like excellent news for the Mad Hatter , Calendar Man, and The Ventriloquist, but as someone who doesn't watch D.C. comics all that well my only thought is, Who is Batwoman?
I would assume that this was Batgirl and they just decided that the girl part was demeaning but from what I can find that doesn't seem to be the case. This is a different character who evidential died and then came back as a lesbian.
Now I don't care that a comic book character is a lesbian, but it's really all I could find on her. I assume she fights crime and p
robably drives a cool car, but in my admittedly short search on the internet I couldn't find any proof of that. The ironic thing is that she was evidential created as a love interest of Batman to help disprove allegations that batman is gay.
In response to this I thought I’d put together a short list of character which would I would rather see as the star of Detective Comics for the next year assuming of course that it's not Batman. In n
o particular order.

This might be obvious, but if you want a woman to take over for Batman why not the one everyone has heard of?

9. Commissioner Gordon
The police of Gotham City have come to rely on Batman, and now the city is filled with costumed villains, why not see how the police handle the city without Batman to save them?

8. The Joker -- Why not show the comic from the other point of view for a while. With Batman gone The Joker could spend his time trying to entertain himself while all of Batman's wards try to hunt him down.

7. Robin
I'm not even sure there is a Robin right now, but if Batman was gone wouldn't watching Robin try to step in be interesting. He would still have all the gadgets he just isn't quite ready yet.

6. Nightwing -- Ok, so he was Robin but he's been on his own for a while. Why not give him the reigns of the book for a while, hasn't he earned it?

5. Manbat -- Ok, so he's just on the list because he sounds like batman, but I'm pretty sure that the only reason he's even a character so why not.

4. Alfred -- One of the most underrated characters in the Batman universe, he's been in the military, helped to raise Bruce Wane and knows more about Batman than anyone on earth. Why not see how someone who doesn't get into a fight every twenty minutes handles the job?

3. Superman -- Detective Comics is D.C. flagship book, why not have the man of Steel step into Gotham while Batman is away. Watching him realize that he can't do things the same way here could be interesting.

2. Rorschach - Just think of the marketing opportunities with the movie coming out and you know D.C. is just itching for a way to get more money out of the notoriety the movie is bringing. Better to bring a single character into the D.C. universe than make the, likely inevitable, sequel to Watchmen where Rorschach has to stop the robot army using a math equation.

1. Hate Monger -- I know he's a marvel villain, but he's also Adolph Hitler, now tell me you wouldn't read a comic book about Adolph Hitler in a bad super villain costume with a hate ray soling crimes in Gotham City and he does kinda look like Batman.

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