Flourishing After the Zombie Apocalypse

Many of us understand that it is only a matter of time before the Zombie uprising, but knowing that it will happen is not enough. If you are to survive then it is vital that we prepare. Having a few tools around the house may help, but in an apocalyptic situation, it is knowledge that will serve you best.

The first thing to do in any dangerous situation is assess the situation. Taking the wrong action can be worse than taking no action at all. In the event of a zombie, uprising you should first assess the type of zombie you are dealing with.

The most common type of zombie, and what we typically think of as a zombie, is the reanimated corpse. This is not only the type you are most likely to face, but also the type that seems least dangerous. A typical zombie is slow and stupid.

The main advantage of these zombies is their resilience. Not only do they feel no pain, but they are very difficult to kill. Wounds to the body may injure them but it is only the destruction of the brain that will truly stop them.

The second, less common type of Zombie is often called the fast zombie. Typically, these are not the traditional zombie at all but humans who have, through some type of disease, become zombie-like. They are as fast as a human can run, and show no signs of feeling pain. The only advantage you have over these zombies is the ability to use your mind. Fighting these zombies can be more useful, but it also holds risks. Any disease that causes a Zombie uprising will be very contagious and fighting them opens you to the disease.

Second, gather allies. You may survive for a few days alone, but your only real chance is to find a group. This presents a problem though, because ultimately in any zombie scenario it is those who have not turned into zombies who are the greatest threat. There are many ways to fight the eventual power struggle or betrayal, remain with close friends or family, and establish a group of laws. You can then begin to exile those who show signs of megalomania, but ultimately your best chance to avoid betrayal is to seize ultimate power yourself.

The key to the seizure of power is to start small. Work your way into authority over a handful of loyal subjects. Three or four should be enough. During the time you are rising to power, you will want to watch anyone who does not submit to you carefully. They will eventually make a mistake. Take advantage of this.

Expelling them from the group is the easiest way to deal with them and the other people tend to feel much less guilty about this because they can convince themselves that the other person will be able to survive, but have no fear, along among the zombie hoard without supplies they will eventually succumb.

If it is impossible to expel them then you must work to marginalize them. Ensure that they are alone in their understanding of what you are doing. Play off their weaknesses, if they attempt to gather others to their cause, claim they are the one seeking power, or play off the prejudices of others. They don’t want the woman or black man in charge do they? Good take advantage of that.

While you are gaining control, it is good to secure a location. There are advantages to mobility but unless you can find a supply of gasoline you are going to end up walking and the constant running from zombie hoards gets tiring.

There are many excellent choices for your attempt to survive, but ideally, you want something with supplies and only a few entrances. If you have time to plan a cave could work, if you do not consider a mall, or even a sporting arena. You will get tired of the snack food, but the field in the middle can give you the chance to grow your own food.

Block all entrances as well as you can, but remember the supplies won’t last forever so you will eventually need to leave. The gates and locks of doors can typically hold off most zombies, but just to be safe you can reinforce them, and keep in mind that while the zombies may seem the threat there will be others looking for supplies who are the real threat.

Once you are safe inside you must begin to plan. Whatever supplies you have will eventually be used. This is where having followers is most useful. They are perfect for gathering supplies and ridding the surrounding area of zombies. If you do not have a source of fresh water that must be a first priority. Guns and food come shortly after that, and finally labor. Continually risking their lives will wear thin on any follower, so encourage them to gather other survivors.

Be careful doing this to quickly, you don’t want to lose control. No more than five percent of your group should be new at any one time. It should be understood that those who have been here the shortest time have something to prove. They can do this by gathering supplies, those supplies must all filter up allowing you to live comfortably.

No matter how well things may seem to be going you do not want to allow your community to grow to large. A few hundred people are more than enough to supply you everything you need. After that, the key is not to expand but to have a continual stream of people.

Avoid it being obvious what you are doing. Anyone left after the zombie uprising has grown used to death so a five percent mortality rate shouldn’t bother them, especially if it is in the name of safety. Zombie hunting parties can be a good way to reduce population.

The only thing you have left to fear is the military. It is almost inevitable that some sort of military force has survived Z-day in is at this very moment attempting to rebuild the government. Do not attempt to confront them with military power. No matter how well you minions have done against zombies, they will not be able to match the power of the military.

Your best chance once they arrive is to find someone able to think like you. Military scientists are an excellent choice because not only do they have sway over the military but they can help hold out the hope of curing zombies or inoculating against them.

A better choice, if available, is a general or major who is looking for legitimacy. You may have to give up some of your authority for some time but gaining the backing of the military will make up for any short-term loss of power. You must then wait for the inevitable cracks in military discipline. Be very careful in fostering any of this. Anything that leads to you would be trouble. Instead, work to position yourself as the only logical choice to lead when he is assassinated. If you can do this then Z-day can become the first step to your rise to your eventual rise to ultimate power.

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